Hypnosis Mind Control – How to Control Other People’s Minds With Hypnosis

Using hypnosis to control other people’s minds is probably the most difficult technique to master. Here we’ll look at some of the easier methods to get you on your way with hypnotic mind control. It should also be obvious that you need to be ethical when you use hypnosis to begin to control other people’s minds. Karma definitely “goes around” and if you aren’t ethical, you’re likely to suffer the effects of bad karma. OK, that’s the scary bit out of the way…

One of the easiest ways to take control of someone’s mind is by using stories. We do this every time we watch a good movie or get engrossed in a book, so having our minds controlled by stories is something that most people are used to.

You don’t have to be a top story teller to do this. You can just weave parts of the story into your everyday conversation. For instance, if you use an anecdote you’re actually using a fragment of a story. This was used to good effect in a three day training course I attended a few years ago. Apart from delivering quality content, the main focus of the course was to sell advanced training and there happened to be 6 elements to this advanced training. Several times over the course of the training, the presenter mentioned how he was glad that when he was learning the subject he had spent his money with someone who had taught him all he knew over the course of six different trainings. This was subtly woven into his presentation and my guess is that most of the audience didn’t realize they were being pitched with a sales message when the presenter used these anecdotes. But judging by the lines that formed when it was announced that the courses were available, a good percentage of the audience’s subconscious had recognized the pitch and decided that the best way to get ahead was to sign up for all six advanced trainings.

You can use this in near enough any sales pitch you make. Whether it’s a formal selling situation, such as a business to business sale, or a less formal one, such as telling your child that they’re not going to be allowed to play their favorite video game until they’ve done their school homework.

Another way to ethically use hypnosis mind control is to establish links between a wanted outcome – such as quitting smoking – and an unwanted side effect. This is how a lot of stop smoking hypnosis works. We all know that the health warnings on the side of cigarette packets don’t work very well (if they did, governments would lose too much tax revenue) but if an unwelcome “trigger” can be associated with smoking a cigarette, that’s a different matter. So the hypnotist might link the color red with an unpleasant event. In turn this link will be brought up in your subject’s mind every time they reach for their cigarette packet. If the brand is different, just associate a different color.

Another simple way to control someone’s mind is to use what are known as embedded commands. These are very effective because you can link them up with negatives so that the person’s conscious mind doesn’t work out that you’re telling them to do the opposite thing. So when you say “Of course, you wouldn’t want to sign the contract at this moment” you’re actually commanding them to sign the contract.

This kind of embedded command also gets past regulators. Going back to our smoking example, one of the health warnings in the UK is a simple “Don’t start”. Cross out the negative word and it’s a very effective command to “Start”. How’s that for controlling lots of people’s minds?

An advertisement I saw recently said that the face cream they were selling “won’t give you the effect of a face lift”. Which is 100% true. The only trouble is that the underlying hypnosis was saying “give you the effect of a face lift”. Again, a great example of hypnotic mind control.

Of course, this means that you need to be careful what you say.

There’s a very good chance that some of your current wording is unintentionally giving out hypnotic commands and controlling other people’s minds without you even being aware.

If you tell a small child not to drop their drink, the first thing that will go through their mind is the vision of the drink falling to the floor. Hmmm. Maybe you ought to tell them to hold their drink safely next time instead?

We’ve only scratched the surface here of using hypnosis to control other people’s minds. You can explore this further if you want to and begin to learn how to use what is often termed covert or conversational hypnosis to improve your life and the lives of other people. As you’ve seen, it’s not particularly covert – the words are out in the open for everyone to hear, but maybe that’s what makes it so powerful.