How to Hypnotize Someone Instantly (Honest!)

You’ve seen instant hypnosis on television before. Maybe where the stage hypnotist says “sleep” and the person instantly goes into what looks like a sleep mode. But is this something anyone can do? Can you really hypnotize someone instantly?

The short answer to this question is “yes”.

There are certain methods of hypnotic induction that work near enough instantly. OK, it may take you a few times to practice this to perfection but the good news is that it can be done.

The main basis for instant hypnotic induction is called a pattern interrupt. Whenever we do anything habitually, we’re running a pattern – a bit like a computer runs programs. Because it would be too much like hard work for us to re-learn everything every time we needed to use it. So, instead, we learn what to do and then remember how we did that the previous time.

Pattern interruption does exactly what it says on the tin. It interrupts that pattern or program just long enough to cause confusion in the other person’s mind and this is what lets them drop into an almost instant hypnotic trance.

Remember when you were young. When you went to shake someone’s hand in the playground but at the last minute you put your hand up to your face and blew a raspberry at them instead? That’s near enough a text book pattern interrupt hypnotic induction.

The other person is expecting you to shake their hand but at the last minute you do something unexpected – maybe grasp their hand and bring it up to their eyes, telling them to focus on the palm of their hand as you do this. There are variations of this that you can use and there are some (mostly over the top) videos on Youtube that you can watch.

You then have a short window of opportunity to throw in your hypnotic command whilst the other person’s mind is trying to work out what happened. If you go down this route, the gap doesn’t last long, so make the most of it. It’s far better to use the gap to tell them that they’re now in a state of hypnosis and to command them to go deeper. Practice – you’ll be surprised how often this works, precisely because it’s unexpected behavior and breaks the patterns that we run.

The key to all this is that you’re breaking the other person’s patterns and using the brief moment of confusion to take control of the situation. Enjoy!