Easy to Learn Self Hypnosis Techniques That Anyone Can Use

If you want to learn self hypnosis techniques there are a number of different ways to go about it. if you’re the kind of person who learns well from books, you could start your quest with Amazon. There’s a good selection there and you can check the feedback from other people as well.

But if you prefer to learn using a mixture of reading, audios and videos then here are some suggestions for you.

1. Start with pre-recorded MP3s

These are available inexpensively and are an excellent place to start learning self hypnosis. For less than the price of a pizza, you have access to a professionally recorded self hypnosis session that tackles the precise problem you’re trying to cure. A lot of people don’t go any further than this when they realize just how easy it is to hypnotize yourself with these hypnosis downloads. But they can also be an excellent model for your own hypnosis sessions. They allow you to test out different hypnotic induction methods and see which works best for you.

2. Get hold of a pre-written script

Again, these are a great place to start as – providing you’re careful where you buy them – you can be certain that they’re professionally written and will contain the right series of commands to put you into a hypnotic trance and carry out the instructions that you want to happen. All you need then is to record the session on your computer – the built in microphone is OK for this although if you’re doing regular recordings it will pay to get a better model – and transfer the file to your iPod or burn it to CD. Your version of Windows may have some sound recording software but if it doesn’t then get hold of Audacity which is free and top quality.

3. Start writing your own inductions

The hypnotic induction is the method you use to put yourself into a hypnotic trance. These are probably the easiest place to start when you move away from pre-written scripts as the wording isn’t as critical as the main hypnosis session itself. Model your hypnotic induction on some of the recordings you’ve already bought or ones that you’ve enjoyed using. Most of the time, you’ll start with breathing deeply as this will begin to relax you. Then find a peaceful, tranquil location. Explore it, notice the feelings, sights, sounds and smells. Heighten your sense of awareness of these but also allow yourself to relax and go deeper into hypnosis. Maybe use a deepener such as going down a set of stairs and moving deeper into trance as you progress down them.

4. Move on to the main scripts

These need to be carefully worded. Make sure that any commands you place are unambiguous. Our subconscious mind has great difficulty processing negatives – if I say to you don’t think about that white rabbit racing around saying “I’m late” then you have to bring that image to mind before you can dispose of it. Keep everything positive wherever possible and make sure that there is only one potential outcome of any statement. If you begin to use negatives, go through and re-word them. This is really important!

5. Maybe start hypnotizing other people

OK, so this isn’t self hypnosis any longer but it’s the logical extension. Like everything else, it’s something you need to practice. The good news is that the other person will have their eyes closed for most of the session, so there’s nothing stopping you having some notes to refer to while you’re doing this!