Can You Really Get What You Want With The Power Of Suggestion?

Suggestion is a powerful thing and the power of suggestion is often used in hypnosis. So, the question on everyone’s lips is how to get what you want with the power of suggestion.

1. Our mind takes things literally

Sure, we like to think of ourselves as intelligent creatures but the low down is that our mind often isn’t as intelligent as we would like to think it is. Most all the time it will process things in the order they are received, even if it’s been asked not to. So if I ask you not to think about the marsh mallow man in Ghostbusters, there’s a very high chance that you’ll have to visualize that giant mallow marauding the streets before you can get rid of the thing. Cheap trick? Maybe. But you can use this kind of negative suggestion to do all sorts of things. But you wouldn’t want me to do that to your mind, would you?

2. Confusion reigns

Along with being dumber than your IQ test suggests, your mind is also easily confused. Which is great for people like magicians and hypnotists. Conjurers confuse our mind by misdirecting it. Hypnotists confuse us with words. Often words that are scrunched up into a sentence or two that is deliberately designed to confuse the heck out of you. If that doesn’t make total sense, that’s good. But chances are it wasn’t too bad because I wasn’t mixing my metaphors. Start doing that and using words that intentionally have different meanings if only they weren’t being used in this particular context and our brains lock down in confusion mode. Even better if two of you can do this and each speak at the same time wth two complex stories to follow. Which you’ll come across on more than one hypnosis track that wants to use its power to persuade you about something.

3. Repeat after me…

Repetition is great. The more something is repeated the more our minds are persuaded by it. That’s why advertisers don’t just run their adverts once. Once is definitely not enough! From an early age, we learn by repeating things until we get them right. The same process works right the way through our lives. So you can suggest something to someone but the more often you suggest it, the more powerful it becomes. It turns from a barely noticed blip on their horizon through to a slight nag and eventually to a fully held belief.