Can You Overcome Your Deepest, Darkest Fears With Hypnosis?

We all have fears. Some people experience their fear on an almost daily basis, others only get afraid every now and then, but when they do it becomes a big issue in their life. Yet others have fears that stop them from doing things such as leaving the house or flying in a plane.

Quite often when you sit down and talk with someone about their fear, they know that it doesn’t make any real sense and they have difficulty putting their phobia into words. But that doesn’t stop it from rearing its ugly head at every available opportunity.

So the question is, can you use hypnosis to overcome your deepest fears?

The simple answer is “yes”. But knowing that may not be enough to actually help it to work. Our rational minds kick in and decide that “there must be more to it”. After all, if you start worrying hours or even days before you’re due to give a report at work, it stands to reason that there is something more than mindless panic involved.

The thing is, your body is trying to protect you from some future problem. Regardless of whether that problem is real or imagined. And it does this by generating fear at the very thought of that problem even possibly occurring. And it’s good at this – it’s got form, it’s had practice and done the deed before. So it knows the buttons to push inside you and it can push them at will and as hard as it likes. You don’t really have much say in the matter at a conscious level, you just have to go with the flow or do your best to ignore all the signals your body is sending out.

Hypnosis doesn’t care that the rational answer is that the fear shouldn’t be there in the first place.

Instead, it works with the part of your body that is going through undue panic and distress at the mere thought of whatever it is you’re afraid of happening in your life.

It does this by removing your conscious, thinking mind from the equation. Which, if you think about it for more than a few seconds, is the correct approach. After all, if your conscious mind could put a stop to your fear, it would have done so long ago.

Instead, hypnosis will work with the part of your mind that does things on autopilot. The same level that means that you can breathe without having to think “Gee, my lungs are empty, better fill them up again” umpteen times a minute. Over time, it will help change the way you deal with these problem situations until you can actually get to the stage where you’re wondering why you were worried about that phobia in the first place.

It may take a couple of times to listen to a hypnosis download. Or it may take a few more times. But each time you listen to a track, you’ll experience your fear reducing. Over time, your fear literally runs away and stops bothering you.