5 Ways to Change Your Life For the Better With Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a powerful thing. It works at a deep level of our consciousness and can help you to make changes that you haven’t managed by just thinking things like “I’m going to lose weight” or “I’m going to be more successful”. Here are just a few of the ways you can change your life for the better with hypnosis.

1. Get rid of annoying habits

These could be anything from eating too much, biting your nails, constantly smoking or anything else that you do at a less-than-conscious level. The best way to get rid of an annoying habit is to invest a few dollars in a hypnosis track that has been purpose written for that particular habit. There are hundreds of these available, professionally written and recorded, at a fraction of the cost of visiting your local hypnotist. With the added advantage that you can play the hypnosis download as often as you want. Plus no-one else will know you’re using hypnosis to conquer your habit.

2. Boost your confidence and self esteem

Almost everyone would like to increase their self confidence and raise their self esteem. In much the same way as getting rid of habits, there are specially written hypnosis recordings that will tackle almost any aspect of your self confidence or shyness. This isn’t limited to generalities. You can also use this kind of track to get over any nerves you may be having about an upcoming exam or a speech or presentation that you need to give. Play the track to yourself shortly before the event that you’d previously have worried about and watch your worries melt away.

3. Overcome fears and phobias

Oftentimes we learn a fear or phobia when we are young, although they can also be brought on by traumatic events in later life. Because hypnosis works directly with your subconscious mind – the part of your brain that leaps for the shortcut every time it encounters something it thinks you should be afraid of – this has a high success rate and doesn’t need you to indulge in expensive pills or drugs.

4. Relax more and sleep better

Almost every hypnosis session starts by putting you into a state of relaxation so it figures that it can be a major help with relaxation. Most hypnosis sessions to help you relax just extend the initial “induction” and then get you to relax even deeper. Hypnosis to overcome insomnia works in much the same way, relaxing you and then helping you to drift off to sleep. Obviously the tracks that are designed to help you sleep better don’t have the usual “it’s time to wake up” call at the end – that would be pointless!

5. Help with pain and illness

Pain can be completely in your mind – even the doctors recognize this when they talk about people experiencing pain in phantom limbs. Trouble is, you can’t usually rationalize this away without help. The reaction of pain is too deep seated. Hypnosis can help with phantom pains. It can also help with the real life variety as well – anything from the piercing problem of a migraine headache through to pain in your limbs due to degenerative or other diseases. There also people who’ve got through giving birth without any help from modern medicine but instead purely using the power of hypnosis.